Technical Program

The CIMAC Congress will take place from June 12-16, 2023 in Busan, Korea.

CIMAC Congress Technical Program 2023

The CIMAC Congress Technical Program is the core of the event, one of the most important international conference programs in the field of large combustion engines, where the entire engine industry comes together to review and discuss technical, environmental and regulatory trends, developments, opportunities and challenges. A traditional value of the CIMAC Congress has always been the high technical level of the sessions, and the five-day program will offer state-of-the-art information on engine technology and engine applications by specialists from all over the world. 

Call for Papers/Proposals

The Call for Papers and proposals for the technical program will go out about a year in advance of the Congress event. This will provide an outline of the sessions planned for the conference program, and will include what are the expectations from an abstract proposal. Call for Papers for 2022 is available here just for your information.

Update: The call for paper 2022 started. Please use the "electronic paper system" (EPS) to participate. The EPS may be found here. 

Preliminary Program

The Preliminary Program for 2023 is now available for download.  

Paper Submission Phase & Review

The Paper writing and submission phase starts as soon as the acceptances have been announced and the preliminary program published. The paper review process will take a couple of months before everything is accepted and finalized. 

Final Program

The Final Program of the CIMAC Congress 2023 will be published about 2-3 weeks before the Congress days. 

We already published a preliminary program. You can find it HERE


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