Canada Border Service Agency

Event Recognition with Canada Border Service Agency

The 29th CIMAC World Congress was recognized by Canada Border Service Agency. The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) has a distinctive program that provides event organizers with timely, border-related advice during the planning process of their international or domestic event with foreign participation. This program called the International Events and Convention Services Program (IECSP) is designed to educate international event delegates about Canada's visitor and goods admissibility requirements in support of national security and public safety priorities while facilitating the free flow of admissible people and goods arriving at events in Canada. 

Letter of Recognition - Shipments to Canada

Please download the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) recognition letter in order to facilitate your entry to Canada. Please also attach this document to any boxes or packages being shipped to Canada for this event. 

To facilitate border procedures it is recommended that foreign attendees and foreign exhibitors be provided a copy of this letter for presentation to a CBSA Border Service Officer upon their arrival to Canada. 

In conjunction with the presentation of this recognition letter, an itemized list of goods including a description, country of origin, quantity and value is required for presentation to CBSA. If your event materials will be imported by a commercial carrier or courier service, a copy of this letter should also be attached to any shipping documents.