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Hyundai Heavy Industries (Technical Tour)


Since its foundation in 1972, Hyundai Heavy Industries turned a small fishing village into the busiest place in Korea. Hyundai Heavy Industries is leading the global shipbuilding industry with a wide range of product lineup that offers any type of ship desired by customers.


FRIDAY (JUN 16, 2023)

07:30: Departure from Busan Start of tour
09:00:  Course A - Culture Center: History & Introduction
09:45:  Course B - Culture Center 1F: Visit Exhibition Hall
10:20 Course C - Yard Tour (move from Cultural center to Engine factory)
11:20:  Course D - Engine Factory Tour + Yard Tour (move from Engine factory to Cultural Center)
11:30:  Pickup Lunch & Gift
13:30:  Busan arrival  End of tour

Level of activity: Easy, Moderate, Active

None of the tours are adventurous or dangerous, and should be fully covered by your travel insurance. No special preparations needed for Easy and Moderate tours. For Active tours adequate preparation necessary.

  • Easy: These tours are at a leisurely pace which involves minimal physical activity. Standing and walking for short periods of time, mainly when visiting a Buddhist temple, museum or market.
  • Moderate: Long touring day with moderate physical activity. Standing and walking for extended periods of time, mainly at Buddhist temple and natural sightseeing spots.
  • Active: Tour with main active element, such as hiking or biking. Walking over uneven and mountainous terrain, biking with moderate elevations. The participant should be physically fit and comfortable to walk 5-10 km. Adequate preparation according to specified instruction per tour required: suitable shoes, clothing, sunscreen, snacks and drinks.


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