Sponsorship Program

The CIMAC Congress is an ideal platform for sponsoring opportunities. 

Take advantage of our sponsorship packages which are an effective way to promote your brand and increase the visibility of your business within the CIMAC community before and during the Congress.

We will offer you a unique opportunity with various sponsorship packages. 

Check our sponsopring packages. Since some packages are limited, don't wait too long to sign up. 

If you have questions, please contact: Hatice.Altintas@vdma.org

Available Sponsoring Packages

1 Congress Logistics Sponsorship

1.01 Congress Bags

1.02 Signage Footprints  Sold out

1.03 Memory Sticks

1.04 Pens:  Sold out

1.05 Notepads:  Sold out

1.06 Welcome Gift

1.07 Umbrella: Sold out

1.08 Coffee to go cup: Reserved

1.09 Powerbank:  Sold out

2 Mobile App and WIFI Area Sponsorship

2.01 Mobile App – Start Screen Sponsor 

2.02 Mobile App – Banner Ad Sponsor

2.03 WIFI Area Sponsorship

3 Room Sponsorship

3.01 Session Room Sponsorship: 2 left

3.02 One-Day Catering: 3 left

3.03 Media Check Sponsorship

3.04 Bar Area Sponsorship:  1 left

3.05 Registration Area Sponsorship

3.06 Welcome Reception: Reserved

4 Other Opportunities

4.01 Closing Ceremony Banquet: Sold out

4.02 Staffing Shirts Sponsorship Sold out

4.03 Wall Banner

4.03.01 Small Wall Banner on exhibition floor

4.03.02 Large Wall Banner on exhibition floor: 2 left

4.04 Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

4.04.01 Banner ad rotating on congress website

4.04.02 Company logo on beach flag within the entrance area

4.04.03 Placement of a roll-up banner within the congress venue (entrance, corridors)

4.04.04 Newsletter


Hatice Altintas

Phone: +49 69 6603 1143

E-Mail: Hatice.Altintas@vdma.org