About Busan

Busan is Korea’s representative tourist city with over 3 million foreign visitors a year. From the Haeundae Beach to the beautiful natural environment, visitors can enjoy all four seasons. It provides a variety of marine tour programs, shopping experiences and other cultural activities. These have all combined to make Busan a world class tourist city for lodging and relaxation.

Busan Basics / General Information

Population: 3,429 million (2017) United Nations

Languages Spoken: Korean is the national and official language in Busan. The language is drastically different from western languages. In addition to the native language, most people below 40 years of age speak English frequently. One of the most prominent minority languages in South Korea is Chinese, which is spoken by over 1.2 million residents.

Climate: Busan is characterized by the oceanic climate with warm summers and mild winters. In winter temperatures can drop below the freezing point at night. Rainy season is from April until September. Busan has a cooler version of a humid subtropical climate. Extremely high or low temperatures are rare. Busan and the nearby area have the least amount of snow compared to other regions of Korea due to its location.

Time Zone: Busan is in the Korean Standard Time Zone.

For more information about Busan please visit: Busan Tourism


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