Accommodation 2023

FAQ for booking CIMAC Accommodation

Welcome to Busan at the CIMAC Congress 2023! KR Hospitality & Events (KR H&E) is the official travel agent for CIMAC Congress 2023 in Busan. KR H&E provides special rates to CIMAC participants. Accommodation is carefully selected based on vicinity to BEXCO (and other related CIMAC event venues), overall quality and services. All reservations should be made directly via KR H&E.  Rates are per room per night, including breakfast and applicable taxes. We strongly advise CIMAC participants to reserve their hotel accommodation as soon as possible.

1.      When is your hotel room officially confirmed?

Upon receiving your request, if the required room is available it is automatically blocked and you will receive a confirmation with an invoice. In case the required room is not available anymore, we will offer you the best alternative solution. After payment of the invoice, the hotel room is officially confirmed. You will not lose your room reservation between submitting your request and payment of the invoice.

2.       Can I change the name of the hotel guests?

You can change the name of the hotel guests at any time until 1 week before the check in date.

3.      How can I pay for my hotel reservation?

KR H&E will send you an invoice. Each invoice will be charged with $ 10 administration fee. Costs for international money transfer lie with the sender.

 4.      I have a specific question about the hotel, can I contact the hotel directly, or should I contact KR H&E?

In principal any questions about the hotel in general, or your hotel reservation in particular, please contact KR H&E directly at []

 5.      Can I reserve early check in (before 12:00) or late checkout (after 14:00) at a later stage?

You can submit early check in and/or late checkouts at a later stage, once you know your flight/train schedule. For early check ins and late checkouts we charge 1 additional room night.

 6.      Can I change my reservation at a later stage, depending on the arrival date and time?

In case your flight or train schedule forces you to change your check in and/or checkout date & time, we are flexible to adjust under the condition of availability, as long as the changes are made at least 4 weeks before the check in date.

 7.      Before the CIMAC Congress I arrive late at night at Incheon International Airport. Can I still spend the first night in Busan, or should I stay in Seoul?

For late night arrivals at Incheon International Airport, we recommend to spend the first night in Incheon or Seoul, and then depart for Busan the next day (by train or domestic flight). From Incheon International Airport you reach Seoul in approximately 1 hour (by taxi, bus or train), Incheon in 30 minutes. Our proposed hotels in Incheon offers free shuttle services between Incheon Airport and the hotel. Upon your booking, you will receive detailed information on the specific shuttle services. You can also book Seoul & Incheon accommodation with KR H&E under the same CIMAC terms & conditions;

 8.     After the CIMAC congress, my departure is early morning from Incheon International Airport. What would you advice for accommodation?

For early departures from Incheon International Airport, we advice you to spend the last night in Seoul or Incheon. From Seoul you reach the Incheon International Airport in 1 hour (by taxi, bus or train), from Incheon in 30 minutes. Our proposed hotels in Incheon offers free airport transfers in case you have informed the hotel on your desired departure time on the checkin day. You can also book Seoul & Incheon accommodation with KR H&E under the same CIMAC terms & conditions;

 9.   I would like to extend my stay in Seoul and/or Busan, or wish to arrive earlier. Is KR H&E still able to arrange accommodation and other services?

Yes, we are able to handle hotel reservations and other services outside the CIMAC Congress period (11-16 June 2023) on a case by case basis. Let us know your needs in detail, and we can send you a specific quote.

10.      What happens if the CIMAC Congress 2023 is cancelled or postponed?

Your room reservation is 100% refundable in case the CIMAC Congress is cancelled or postponed before 1 March 2023 due to COVID or other unavoidable circumstances. This is only applicable for room reservations directly made via KR H&E. If you have booked your room via another agent or platform, the special CIMAC cancellation policy will not apply.



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