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What travel documents will participants require to travel to Canada?

All visitors to Canada require a temporary resident visa (TRV), except citizens of countries where an exemption has been granted. 

Please see here a list of countries that do not require a visa to visit Canada.

Most participants will also need a valid passport or an appropriate travel document to enter Canada. 

It is important that all participants who definetely need a visa applying as early as possible. 

To find out how to apply for a temporary resident visa, please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website here 

All applicants for a temporary resident visa must satisfy CIC that hey are genuine visitors and that they will be participating in the event or meeting. The applicants must demonstrate that they:

- are in good health (in some cases, medical exam may be required)

- do not have a criminal record

- do not pose a theat to Canada's security

- have a valid passport or travel document

- have enough money to support themselves and their dependants while in Canada an will leave Canada voluntarily at the end of their stay.

Before you apply for your visa you can check the application processing times here 

Find visa offices outside Canada: Countries / Territories and correpsonding Canadian visa offices here